Congratulations to Grove Mill, winners of the coveted Green Ribbon Award

Sunday, June 6, 2010 by Roger Kerrison , under , ,

It has been a bit of a reflective week for Aura, thanks to two nostalgic moments. Both of these moments were provoked by good things happening to The New Zealand Wine Company, an Aura client, and also an employer that is on the CV of a couple of those involved in Aura Sustainability.

On Thursday night The New Zealand Wine Company, better known as Grove Mill Wines, won the New Zealand Government’s Green Ribbon Award. This coveted award was bestowed for making quality wine with minimal environmental impact.

It is now nearly 4 years since Grove Mill became the world’s first
carbon neutral winery. It is fair to say that appreciation for this achievement was slow to arrive, but arrive it did and it still continues almost 5 years after myself and Grove Mill Chief Winemaker, Dave Pearce, put in place the companies sustainable development strategy.

Although at the time we thought we had a tiger by the tail, I don’t think myself, nor Dave, let ourselves believe that the strategy would be as successful as it has become. This was mainly because consumer perception of sustainability was so incredibly niche 5 years ago. It was a leap of faith and credit has to go to those at Grove Mill whom allowed this to happen and also to those that continue to drive it forwards in the present day. Congratulations.

The other nostalgic event that occurred also involved Grove Mill. I was googling blogs to see what was occurring in the world of sustainability and wine, much to my surprise I found a
recently published blog written by the noted American travel journalist David Lansing. David had visited myself and Dave Pearce out at Grove Mill over 2 years ago. We had spent the afternoon in the wetlands drinking wine and discussing sustainability, as well as many other topics. From memory, most of the things discussed were subjects that should not be broached with a journalist you have just met. Fortunately we made sure the glass never really left Mr Lansing’s hand and therefore restricted the amount of shorthand he was able to take!

So with this brief period of reflection over we are ready to drive
sustainability strategy in wine forwards and anticipate where the opportunities in sustainability are over the next 5 years. Cheers.